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    NOVOX provides a maximum leverage up to 400:1. Through this, clients can start their CFD trading with a minimal deposit.

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  • SWAPS:

    We offer long and short swaps for all currency pairs and precious metals. A swap charge is determined by the difference in the interest rates between the two currencies and whether the position is a long position or a short position.

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    The trading markets opens 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. More detailed product trading hours can be viewed in the product specifications on NOVOX MT4 Terminal.

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    Standard account, zero point account 30 BPS to current rate. Stop limit orders (including the deity, stop loss orders) after the price is set at or above price trigger, the trigger after the first tick tradable market clinch a deal price, clinch a deal the price is not necessarily a trader to set prices, because the market price fluctuations and brokered transactions mechanism, finally clinch a deal the price may be better than or worse than check full set stop-loss price.


    Standard accounts and Xero accounts are 30 basis points away from the current price. The limit order (including the pending order and the stop profit stop loss order) is triggered after the quotation reaches or exceeds the set price. The first market tick quotations can then be concluded, however the transaction price many not be the price set by the trader. Due to market price volatility and composite trading mechanism, the final transaction price may benefit or constraint the set stop profit and stop loss price.


    【Please note: the lock position doesn’t mean the profit and loss is secured. Stop out could occur even though the client has already fully hedged all positions, due to widening spreads and increasing swaps.】


    NOVOX supports Expert Advisors with all possible trading strategies. With sufficient programming skills, you can develop your own Expert Advisor based trading strategy by using the MQL4 Code on NOVOX MT4.