Precious Metals

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Precious Metals




Precious metals

The precious metals, mainly gold and silver, have their own savings value and are also safe-haven assets, trading to balance portfolios against inflation or other uncertain risks. At Novox, you can trade gold and silver in dollars, freely traded during market rallies and downturns, with no extra commission.

Calculation of precious metal

  • Your gross trading profit is calculated as follows:

    The price of opening a position:1283.7

    The price of closing a position:1280.0

    Gross trading profit:740

  • Open a position

    The price of gold is 1283.7/1284.1 and you decide to sell 2 lots (equal to $2567.4) at 1283.7.
  • Close a position

    A week later, the price of gold falls to 1279.6/1280.0, you decide to buy back 2 standard hands at 1280.
(The contract size of your position is 200 OZ x1283.7=256,740 USD, and your trading account leverage
is 1:200. Besides, the position-opening margin is $256,740/200=$1383.7 USD)
Precious metals Description Contratc size Standard account Xero account
Spread Spread Commission
Xauusd Gold 100 Ounce 40 10 7 USD
Xagusd Silver 5000 Ounce 40 10 7 USD