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International financial news

International financial news

[OPEC Secretary-General: Saudi Arabia's new oil minister will continue the existing oil policy] OPEC Secretary-General Mohammad Barkindo told reporters in Abu Dhabi that Saudi Arabia's newly appointed energy minister Abdul Aziz will continue to execute his predecessor, Farley The country’s oil policy left over by He. OPEC member states will meet in Abu Dhabi on September 12 to assess the data and make appropriate decisions on oil production cuts - production cuts will continue until the end of March 2020.

[British excludes the bill that did not agree to leave the EU on October 31.] The Speaker of the House of Lords, Norman Fowler, announced that the bill that prevented Britain from having a non-Agreement on Brexit on October 31 became law after obtaining royal consent.

[US Securities Regulatory Commission Chairman: Should be alert to corporate debt, market risk] The head of the US highest market regulator issued a warning on market risk on Monday, including rising corporate debt, Brexit risk, and changes in key lending rates.



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Bank of America Merrill Lynch: The technical side is suitable for short-term short USD, and can be bought again during heavy events.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch released a research report saying that the technical short-term view of the US dollar is suitable to keep short, but re-buy the US dollar on the dips near the Fed policy meeting on September 18 or during the trade negotiations planned in October. Summer corrections are a continuing theme. Bond prices were hampered by the Fed’s suggestion of a rate cut and a deep technical overbought.

The three-time burst-on attack broke through the formation of a multi-triangle in the week of August 30. However, the long trap in the first week of September seemed to threaten the new long position. Considering the pulse-type breakage resistance and the bullish trap, our preference is to continue to short the dollar in the short-term, but re-do it on the key support dips during the Fed policy decision on September 18 or during the trade negotiations planned in October. many.

Mitsubishi UFJ Bank: Limited potential for the pound to rise in the short term

Mitsubishi UFJ analysts said that the recent rise in the pound is due to the UK parliament is about to pass a law to postpone the European Union after October, which may delay the impact of the non-agreement of Brexit until the end of January next year, but the key depends on the EU On the one hand, because the EU will have a decisive say in any further extension. In the recent polls, the hard line of Brexit seems to support the popularity of the Conservative Party and keep the UK moving in the direction of no agreement. In this case, we still believe that the potential for the pound to rise in the short term is limited.

Citi: Technical side look long of the Australian dollar

Citi released a customer report on Monday, pointing out that the Australian dollar has maintained a technical trend in the near term, and should be further higher against the New Zealand dollar, the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc. The Australian government and the Reserve Bank of Australia have agreed to target the inflation target of the new monetary policy in the 2% to 3% range, and will also introduce the Bank of England’s practice that when the inflation is outside the target range, the central bank governor will issue an open letter. This will increase the transparency of the policy and will not increase the radicality of the policy beforehand. The current technical side is Lido Aussie, the Reserve Bank of Australia is now in a wait-and-see position, but has already had optimistic expectations for trade negotiations, which makes the Australian dollar against the New Zealand dollar, the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc is expected to rise further.

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