Daily updates on foreign exchange news

Novox USD Index Daily Analysis

Fundamental analysis:

In the U.S. market yesterday, the U.S. index resumed its general upward momentum of rebounding from a low in the past three years, rising 0.32% to 90.33, mainly because the market is looking forward to the next government led by Biden to fight the COVID-19 crisis and promote the economy to continue recovery. Investors should pay attention to the speech of Fed Chairman Powell on Thursday, which will definitely affect the direction of the foreign exchange market. 

Technical analysis:

The US dollar index closed slightly on the daily line, stabilized and rebounded in the 89.9 area, and was blocked at the 90.4 area. Therefore, looking at the directional choice after the range of the US dollar index fluctuates today, it is still possible to hit the 90.5 area today. If it succeeds, the US dollar still hopes to hit the 91 mark this week. If it is invalid, the short-term rebound of the U.S. index ends, and the long-term dollar weakness has become the overall situation. 

Today’s recommendations: 

Today’s operation is much lower, the reference point is stable, etc., and the reference point is more than around the 89.9 area, and the stop loss is 30. The specific real-time operation is suggested in the intraday.