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Legal documents

Legal documents

Novox hereby declares that, as a regular CFD broker we are only responsible for providing a trading platform and maintaining a fair trading environment. This includes our low-cost trading services, ASIC trust account supervision, investor education resources, financial analyst services, CRM management systems and agency support programs. Any other activities are within the responsibility of individual agents and upon the agents’ own discretion, including fundraising, proxy operation, hosting and fully automatic EA software trading, where Novox as a CFD broker will not be held accountable.

Novox does not allow any partner, agent or employee to operate our client’s personal trading account. We strongly advise that clients should operate, execute and manage their own accounts without handing over their accounts to others. If clients persist in allowing others to operate their accounts, Novox shall not be liable for any losses incurred on such an account. If the client chooses EA automatic trading to execute orders and transactions, please ensure settings are appropriate. Novox does not provide EA trading softwares of any kind and does not evaluate the profit and loss characteristics of EA softwares in the market. Clients who use EA trading softwares are responsible for their own profits and losses incurred by EA transactions and order executions.

[Please note that ANY investment has a corresponding risk profile. Clients should carefully evaluate their investment goals, risks and relevant costs before making the investment. Novox highly recommends clients who are inexperienced in CFD and Forex trading to gain experience and start trading with a free demo account.]
  • 1.Individual Privacy Protection
    Although the dissemination of information on the Internet may conflict with local laws in certain regions, users should be aware that the information contained on NOVOX website is not for any specific country, nor is it directed against specific members of the public or companies located in specific countries. The NOVOX currency market fully respects the right to privacy. NOVOX warrants that any personal information collected through NOVOX's website, including the identity, address, date of birth, telephone number and other personal information related to the user, will be kept by NOVOX at all times and will not be exchanged, sold or presented to any third party without the prior consent of the user.
  • 2.High Risk Investment
    Forex and CFD tradings are high-risk margin tradings and are only applicable to individuals and institutional investors who can bear the risk of loss. Investors should carefully consider their investment objectives, trading experience, financial status and risk tolerance before trading in foreign exchange and using other products provided by NOVOX. If you cannot bear the loss, please do not invest rashly. The contents of this website are for traders' reference only. Traders need to make their own independent investment decisions.
  • 3.Margin Trading
    Margin trading is a type of "leveraged" trading that involves potential profits as well as the risk of losses. Margin accounts for only a small part of the foreign exchange contract, but small market changes will have a greater impact on the funds you deposit or will deposit, so there is a possibility of losing some or all your initial deposit in the leveraged trading. Therefore, you should make investment according to your risk tolerance.
  • 4.Online Trading
    Online trading system carries certain risks, which can include: Internet system failure, software and hardware failure, network connection failure and other force major factors. NOVOX is not responsible for communication failures, distortions, or delays in tradings over the Internet since it is unable to control the source, reception, or routing of signals. Although NOVOX uses backup systems and contingency plans to reduce the possibility of system failure, the risks of trading over the Internet cannot be eliminated.
  • 5.Market Information and Views
    NOVOX makes every effort to ensure that all information provided on its website or elsewhere is up to date and accurate. However, any comments, news, research, analysis, prices and other information published on this website shall only be regarded as general market information and shall not constitute as investment advice. NOVOX shall not be liable for any loss arising from its use or reliance on such information, whether directly or indirectly. NOVOX assumes no responsibility for any consequences resulted from trading decisions made through outdated, inaccurate and missing information.
  • 6.Risk Control Management
    NOVOX trading environment bids for the liquidity of 20 Banks. The currencies of various countries fluctuate sharply against the buying and selling prices, especially during the period with high market liquidity, large fluctuations are often seen. During periods of market illiquidity (e.g., when the north American and Oceania time zones are switched at 6:00 am), widening spreads or sliding trading prices are the norm of the market, which requires traders to pay more attention. Gold trading halts between 5 and 6am in Beijing time every morning so traders should avoid the influence of the alternation of time zones to gain maximal profits.
    When conducting locked positions, traders shall pay special attention to the following risks, while making corresponding risk control measures:
    First, the swap is calculated per day, which will consume the net value.
    Second, during the period of poor liquidity, the spread will be amplified, and thus the trading cost must be increased, which will cause more serious floating loss.
    We ask traders to measure the above risks on their own, and make a deposit protection for the low net value locked position account. Otherwise develop a solution strategy as soon as possible.