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Dear Customer ,

近期英国和欧盟即将发生的脱欧谈判事件,预计全球金融市场波动性仍将持续,由此可能会出现市场流动性缺乏及混乱,为保护NOVOX客户账户的资金安全,降低交易风险,于2019年10月18日(周五)系统时间08:00至2019年10月23日(周三)系统时间00:00期间,Novox FX将采取以下临时保护措施: 

Base on the EU ambassadors’ Brexit meeting and the Article 50 meeting holding recently, we forecast that the global financial market will be continued fluctuating, and might lead to the lack and confusion of market liquidity, in order to protect clients’ fund and reduce the level of risk, we decided to implement temporary protection from 18th Oct 2019 (Fri) system time 08:00 to 23th Oct 2019(Wed) system time 00:00 as blow:


Leverage ratio of all trading varieties will be adjusted to: 1:100


Including all accounts’ existing position and new opening position, margin will be calculated with adjusted leverages

在此温馨提示,国际重要事件公布发生期间,金融市场可能会产生剧烈波动,并由此可能造成市场流动性缺乏,出现价格跳空,NOVOX FX Markets系统允许接受挂单距离和买卖差价可能被极度拉宽, 因此您的买入止损、卖出止损和止损定单的成交价或许与您在交易系统中设定的价格有所差异。上述情况符合市场惯例,并已在您所签署的客户服务协议中表明,敬请知悉。

Please be reminded that before and after any important announcement, the markets can become extremely volatile, with highly insufficient market liquidity and the possibility of price gaps, additionally the spread between the systems accepted the order, and the market price may be widened. In this type of situation, the actual execution price of Buy Stop, Sell Stop and Stop Loss Order may differ from the price you have initially set in the trading system. Alternatively, the spread between the systems accepted the order, and the market price might be widened. This occurrence is in line with previous market experience and is outlined in the terms and conditions of the Client Service Agreement, which you have signed with NOVOX FX.


Please pay attention to the position and status of your margin accounts to take into account these volatile market conditions. If you have an insufficient margin account, NOVOX FX may be forced to liquidate your positions to prevent additional risk. NOVOX FX is not obliged to give any further notice of such an event.

NOVOX FX 建议您谨慎交易,若阁下有任何疑问,请随时联系在线客服或致电客户服务部查询。

We strongly would advise that you be particularly vigilant when trading during this period. If you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our online customer service line or call customer service for further questions.

感谢您对NOVOX FX的支持,并祝交易愉快!
Thank you for supporting NOVOX FX, and we wish you happy trading!

Best Regards
Customer Services Team